Bigg Boss 13 20th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Siddharth Shukla Push Asim Riaz
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Bigg Boss 13 20th January 2020 Written Episode Update: The popular reality shows Bigg Boss 13 will have a task on Monday to once again become a member of the Elite Club, with a fierce fight between Siddharth Shukla and Aseem Riaz. Once again, Hina Khan will enter the house and will choose a member of the elite club. At the same time, Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharma will again taunt Rashmi Desai and Aseem Riyaz. In such a situation, there will be some debate between Aseem and Paras. Now it has to be seen who will get the chance to become the second member of the Elite Club after this drama!

Bigg Boss 13 Live Updates

  • Rashmi Desai has to make morning breakfast. Paras Chhabra has to help in this. Rashmi tells Paras to bake the paratha, but she refuses. Asim asks Paras to work with Rashmi, but then Mahira comes to fight in the middle.
  • In the midst of this quarrel, Shahnaz Gill started doing his comedy. Acting like Aarti Singh, she showed that she came in the middle of the fight, but was thinking whether I should speak or not. Asim and Rashmi started laughing after hearing this.
  • Siddharth Shukla asks Shahnaz to change the bed, but he refuses and a quarrel ensues between the two. Siddharth said that I have an attachment with you, but people don’t like me like you are. Earlier I was avoiding everything as childish, but I know why you are doing all this. I do not want to talk to you On this, Shahnaz asked what has happened, who are you saying all this. I have always supported you, so why are you doing all this now?
  • Asim Riyaz is once again asking Paras Chhabra to help Rashmi Desai. In such a situation, there was a fight between the two that Rashmi would speak herself, you don’t speak. Mahira Sharma, Siddharth Shukla, and Shefali Jariwala also joined the fight.
  • Vishal Aditya Singh said to ex-girlfriend Madhurima Tuli that I am still in love with him and will definitely meet him once outside the house.
  • Shefali Jariwala asked Paras Chhabra to talk to his girlfriend Akanksha Puri after you get out of the house. On this, Paras said that after seeing this much, he should move on his own.
  • Asim, Shehnaaz, Rashmi, and Vishal believe that Mahira is nothing without Paras. The two are playing games with each other. They know that both need each other’s support. Asim also revealed that in the previous reality show, Paras attacked a man’s broken leg to win.
  • Aarti Singh told Asim Riyaz that Rashmi Desai can herself speak. She is strong. You should not have asked Paras to work. After this, there was again a quarrel between Asim and Paras. Then a fight started between Siddharth and Vishal.
  • Siddharth Shukla jumped into the battle of Asim and Paras. He made several comments on Asim. Siddharth said that untrue lies. After this, Mahira, Paras and Shefali together tried to provoke Asim.
  • Members are to sit on three horses made in a Mary Go round. After this, in turn, by mutual agreement, other members will also get a chance. Now it remains to be seen who will become a member of the elite club this time.
  • Rashmi Desai, Aarti Singh and Mahira Sharma sat on the horse. If mutual agreement was not reached, Aarti and Mahira removed Rashmi together by majority. Rashmi made Vishal sit, but after sitting incorrectly, Vishal got down and changed his position. After this, there was a fight between Asim and Siddharth. The quarrel of both increased greatly. Siddharth threatened Asim and said that I should go out and show this attitude. Asim said that I am the operator, I did not see anything. Siddharth was again enraged at this. Siddharth also hit Asim. Also commented about his father. Bigg Boss ordered both to stay away.


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