Bigg Boss 13 22nd January 2020 Written Episode Update: Shehnaaz Gill Fight Back

Bigg Boss 13 22nd January 2020 Written Episode Update: Siddharth Shukla, who always supported Shehnaz, will do something today that will make Shehnaz Gill badly broken and lose his temper. The promo of today’s episode has surfaced in which Siddharth is seen safeguarding Aarti except for Shehnaz, and Shehnaz feels bad about this.

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It is seen in the video that after this decision of Siddharth, Aarti goes to talk to Shehnaz, but Shehnaz refuses to talk to him. Aarti tries to convince them, but Shehnaz flashes them, saying that she is not a prisoner. After this there is a fierce debate between the two. While fighting, Shehnaaz abuses Aarti, after which Aarti gets angry. The thing to see in this entire video is that Siddharth does not utter a single word in the fight of both. While Mahira is seen explaining Shehnaaz and Shefali to Aarti.

Although there was often a fight between Shehnaz and Siddharth, but the two used to convince each other and the matter would go on. But this time, Siddharth is looking very upset with Shehnaz. Siddharth does not like to flip Sana again and again, Siddharth’s resentment has become so much from Shehnaz that he recently gave a shocking statement for Sana.

Siddharth said, ‘I was not talking to you to pass the time. But in these days I understood one thing about you that what could not happen to my parents, what would be mine. Sid said, ‘I have learned this thing in my life, which will not be able to be done by my parents, it will not be possible for anyone and you have expressed this many times in the show. You are very smart and I have understood this now.

Sometimes there is a quarrel over bread and sometimes with desi ghee. Once again, the family members were seen fighting among themselves over the issue of food. A new promo of ‘Bigg Boss’ has surfaced in which Rashmi Desai and Mahira Sharma are seen fighting. All the households in the Gardon Area. Then Mahira says that ‘Now that lunch is ready, dinner will not be made.’ In response, Rashmi says that ‘I will make, if you don’t want to eat, then it is your wish.’

Rashmi then talks to Shefali Jariwala in the living area. Rashmi shouts – ‘A child is a foolish and stupid child inside the house.’ To this, Mahira says- ‘She is fighting on the baseless issue. Save the top ones. ‘ In response, Rashmi says- ‘You hug, you are a trap of coercion.’ Earlier, there was a fight between Siddharth Shukla and Asim Riaz. On the other hand, Shehnaz and Siddharth are not talking among themselves. Aarti was also seen fighting Shehnaaz.


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