Bigg Boss 13 Shefali Jariwala Calls Shehnaz Punjab Ki Rakhi Sawant In BB Transport Task
Image Source: (Instagram)

Himanshi Khurana is not happy with Bigg Boss 13’s show Entertainment Contestant. His inscurity is clearly visible on TV. With the arrival of Himanshi, Shehnaz’s sudden behavior has shocked everyone. He is now being given the tag of ‘Dougal’ in the show. Hindustani Bhau called her a mongrel. At the same time, actress Shefali Jariwala also called her Rakhi Sawant of Punjab.

Actually, Shehnaz was doing strange activities in BB Transport Task. Seeing whom Shefali says that sometimes I like Rakhi Sawant of Punjab. On hearing this, Shehnaz becomes very angry and she tightens her glare. Shehnaz says- I understand everything from where all these words are coming. Who is teaching the game to whom? Hearing this, Himanshi says to Shefali. What you said on your behalf, but now everything will fall on me. Self-obsession also has a limit.

Hindustani Bhau called Shehnaz bastard

After this, Shehnaz sits with Hindustani Bhau. Hindustani Bhau tries to convince Shehnaz that you have to stop teasing on Himanshi. If you were tease on her yesterday, she cried. Hearing this, Shehnaz loses her temper and says that I need clarification on this. When did this happen On this, Hindustani Bhau says reduce the acting. You are very bogus And this increases the quarrel between the two.

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