Buy Online Semi-Micro Balances: Sartorius Secura225D-1S semi microbalance replaces the discontinued Sartorius CPA225D. The new is a Secura 225D-1S semi microbalance is a complete unit verses the CPA225D had a separate electronic box that took up additional bench space and required a cable from the CPA225D to the electronic box, then the electronic box was plugged into the power adapter. Customers requested eliminating all these connections and Sartorius listened with the new Secura225D-1S that is one self-contained unit.

Buy Online Semi-Micro Balances

The Secura225D-1S is a dual range semi micro balance allowing weighing at different resolutions. When weighing samples up to 120 grams you have 0.01-milligram readability. Once the weight on the weighing pan exceeds 120 grams the resolution drops to 0.1mg. To sum it up from 0 – 120 grams the Secura225D-1S increments in 0.01mg divisions, from 120 – 220 grams the Secura 225D-1S increments in 0.1mg division.

The Sartorius Secura225D-1S semi microbalance does far more than set new standards in metrological specifications. Beyond its technical weighing specifications of this dual weighing range semi micro balance, it features fully automatic, temperature and time-controlled internal calibration, 3.1 inches round weighing platform, 3 door draft shield glass chamber providing 8.58 inches height from pan to top of the glass door. Secura laboratory balances set new standards for reliability in weighing. Secura balances are designed for customers who work in regulated environments and need high-quality results without any risk. With Secura, you can now enjoy the security and serenity of knowing that you have done everything right. Based on best practices, Secura ensures the quality of your measurement results, compliance with regulatory requirements and your efficiency as well Buy Online Semi-Micro Balances.

Sartorius Secura sets new benchmarks in every aspect for standard lab balances: features, technology, ergonomic style, and, above all, the entirely new, user-friendly operating design of the Secura that helps make workflows much more efficient. What it boils down to is the Secura is fail-safe: it rules outweighing errors due to incorrect operation and eliminates the time-consuming chore of fine-tuning the settings. Fractions of a second are all it takes for any user to adapt the Secura to specific requirements and obtain traceable results much faster than ever.

Secura comes standard with convenient, built-in applications. These, along with the extensive accessories Sartorius offers, enable you to customize Secura to a variety of weight measurement tasks. Determine the specific gravity with the built-in density application when purchased with the optional Sartorius YDK05 density kit, you can effortlessly determine the density of solids and liquids.

The Secura balances come standard with a variety of application programs built-in, helping to simplify routine tasks: – Toggling between weight units – Density – Percent weighing – Checkweighing – Peak hold – Parts counting – Unstable conditions such as animal weigh mode – Mixing enables you to weigh in various components of a formula quickly with 100% traceability. – Components conveniently let you weigh components of a formula into separate containers and retrieve the total amount weighed-in at any time. – Statistics saves you work when you need to know the standard deviation and other statistics on an entire group of different samples, but don’t have the time to do the number-crunching yourself. – Conversion takes care of the math when you need to convert a weight using a factor, say, to calculate the weight per unit area.

Sartorius teamed up with experienced lab users to develop the user interface of the new Secura. Lab users’ number 1 priority was to ensure easy, intuitive operation without having read the manual first. They did it! The self-explanatory icons and plain-text prompt on the large touch screen show you all the information you need to know for the procedure – no more, no less.

For example, the touch-activated print key will appear only when Secura has detected that a Sartorius printer is connected. The Secura also excels in compliance with workplace safety requirements: Even if you are wearing several pairs of lab gloves, you can still correctly use all the functions of the balance.

The Secura225D-1S is targeted for pharmaceutical manufacturing and research or any weighing environment with strict regulatory procedures. If your weighing application doesn’t involve working in a regulated environment then you might want to review either the Sartorius Quintix 65-1S or Quintix125D-1S. Not sure what you need? Call the experts at Precision Weighing Balances to review your weighing application.

The draft shield is not removable from the weighing chamber base for the SECURA26-1S, SECURA125-1S, SECURA225-1S, SECURA324-1S, QUINTIX35-1S, QUINTIX65-1S, QUINTIX125D-1S. If you happen to spill any liquid or granular samples while weighing the weighing chamber base, featuring a revolutionary new rimmed design that can be completely taken out of the chamber and readily wiped cleaned.


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