Coronavirus In Ludhiana: The first positive patient of Coronavirus was reported in the city on Tuesday. The patient is a 54-year-old woman. She does not have a history of foreign travel. Due to her being a boutique business, the health department is collecting details of her close ones so that those who come in contact with the infected woman can be investigated.

Coronavirus In Ludhiana: First Coronavirus Positive Case found in Ludhiana patients kept in Isolation

Coronavirus In Ludhiana

Deputy Commissioner Pradeep Aggarwal, DMC Secretary Prem Gupta and CMO Dr Rajesh Bagga have confirmed the woman’s preliminary investigation report to be positive late in the night. The department has quarantined her husband, son and two maids at home, their samples will be taken on Wednesday.

The sample of the suspected woman was sent to Rajindara Hospital in Patiala, where it was found positive. After this, the Health Department has sent samples to the National Institute of Virology, Pune. The report is awaited from there. The woman was having a cough, cold and difficulty in breathing on Monday morning. She was then admitted to the DMC Hospital, where she was admitted to the isolation ward after she found symptoms of Coronavirus.

On Tuesday, the team of District Epidemiologists immediately reached the DMC Hospital and sent samples of the woman and for examination. When the initial report came positive, the health department became active late in the night and the Rapid Response Team was sent to the woman’s house to have her family members admitted to the isolation ward.

CMO said that after the initial investigation report of the woman is positive, the samples will now be sent for investigation in Pune. The woman does not have a foreign travel history. Husband, son and two servants live in the house. Rapid response teams were sent to their house at night, which would sample after isolating. CMO feared that the woman’s boutique may have had a foreign customer, whom she may have contracted due to contact.

The department will check all the customers who have come to the women’s boutique in the last 15 days to confirm whether or not the Coronavirus has reached anyone else. It has also come up during interrogation that the woman went to see the film in a cinema hall of the city a few days ago. Teams from that angle are also investigating. As a rule, the area around the woman’s residence will be sealed so that infection can be prevented.


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