Danger on Internet users more than 5 lakh passwords and other information leaked

The incidence of hacking and cybercrime has increased significantly in the country. Somewhere the money is being stolen from people’s account and somewhere their password is being tampered with. Now a new report has come out in which it is reported that a hacker has leaked the passwords of more than half a million servers, routers and users of Internet of Things (IoT) devices on the dark web. They can be used at home and office to send malware to devices connected to the Internet.

Hackers use this kind of information to get remote access to the devices of the users. For example, it can be used for hackers to access security cameras at home or office. This information has come from a report by ZDNet. The list of Telnet credentials has been published on a popular hacking forum. It also includes the IP address of each device along with the name and password of the users for the Telnet service.

The report states that hackers scan the Internet for bot lists and then use them to connect devices and install malware. This list has been published by a mentor of Direct Daniel of Services (DDoS) bot operator. However, some of these devices can run on a different IP address or use another login credential.

The report also noted that some devices operate on a network of well-known Internet service providers. At the same time, the rest of the services are located on a network of major cloud service providers. If seen, there are alarm bells on about 5 lakh devices. If hackers use this then they can harm users’ personal information.


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