Bigg Boss 13 31st October Rashmi Desai Changed Her Game In BB Delivery Task Shocked Khesari Lal Yadav Tehseen Poonawalla Shefali Jariwala
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Bigg Boss 13 31st October Rashmi Desai Changed Her Game In BB delivery task Shocked Khesari Lal Yadav Tehseen Poonawalla Shefali Jariwala: Bigg Boss 13 is very close to the first finale. Contestants have to win the BB delivery task to reach the finale. Apart from being a participant, Rashmi Desai is also the director of this task. In the fifth week of the show, Rashmi Desai has changed her game. Due to which wild card contestant Tehseen Poonawala Impress is visible.

A new promo of the show has been released on Colors’ Twitter handle. Entry of wild card players will be done soon in the show. Tehseen Poonawalla, Khesari Lal Yadav and Shefali Jariwala are locked in the secret room. In the promo, these three players are watching all the activity of the Bigg Boss house from the secret room. Also, all the contestants are keeping their eyes on her.

During the BB delivery task, Rashmi’s revenge style is surprising these wild card contestants. Rashmi Desai has strengthened her game before the entry into the house of new members. She is playing for herself. In the promo, there is a debate between Rashmi and Aarti. Tehseen Poonawalla Impress is visible due to the changes in Rashmi. He has called Rashmi Desai smart.

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In Wednesday’s episode, there was a fight between Rashmi Desai and Aarti Singh. Aarti accuses Rashmi of serious charges. Govinda’s niece Aarti told Rashmi that she was the one who spread the false news of Siddharth and her affair. Rashmi is shocked to hear Aarti’s allegations. She rejects this charge. Later there is a lot of debate in Rashmi-Aarti.


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