MTV Ace Of Space 2 19th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Vikas Gupta Contestants Can Meet With Family
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MTV Ace Of Space 2 19th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Today You can see the second episode of the family special episode which is combined with Task which named is “Palatna Mana Hai” In last year we see this episode which is same things comes in this show happens, which is In House Contestants divided into Two Team Which is Team Jack and Team King Both Team Have Equal Members.

MTV Ace Of Space 2 Written Update

The Task is Name is “Palatna Mana Hai” if you want to protect family which is Team Family, There s a Revolving Door In the activity area you will stand their and behind you there will be someone who loves you a lot that person will call you if you press the Buzzer then you will meet them. if you don’t press press buzzer then you can’t meet them.

if you don’t turn around, then your family here will be safe, this is the most difficult choice till date Kings and Jacks They Both Team Have Seven Members, the team in which less members turn around will win and his family will be safe.

First Twist is that Mastermind Test of Salman Zaidi and Krissann Love, This is Real Test for Both Lovebirds, Vikas Gupta Call Firstly Salman Zaidi and Krissann In Revolving Door, Salman Sister stand behind the Salman Door she said goods things and motivation him and he just crying.

Krissann Mom Stand behind the Krissann and said come on baby meet with me i am very missing you, Baseer Ali mom come on show and She is just stand behind the baseer and said baseer come baby, Yash mom come and stand behind the door and talking with him to see me yash is crying very badly. all house members family members come an everyone is crying this is so emotional episode ever. (Read This: MTV Ace Of Space 2 18th October 2019 Written Episode Update: The Family Special )


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