Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Yug Trapped In The False Murder Case

YHM 20 Sep episode begins with Arijit implicates Yug in the charge of false murder case, after which the entire Bhalla family is very upset, and Karan is told by everyone that the statement To give, but Karan says I cannot lie.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th September 2019 Written Episode Update

Natasha is crying, and calls Arijit, and narrates him. Arijit tells Natasha that your doctor Mishra has been killed. Arijit tells Natasha that the police have caught Yug in the charge of his murder, and this news will come in the news. Natasha says that if Dr. Mishra must have told something to Yug, Arijat says that nothing like this will happen. Natasha’s brother says that now you cannot go anywhere, you have to stay here. Natasha says that if I go somewhere at this time, everyone’s suspicion will come on me. Alia says that we all know that Yug cannot do this, bring her from the police station.

Ishita says trust me we will get her out of there. Ruhi speaks to Karan to tell what happened there, everyone says your statement is very important. Karan says that someone has tried to trap Yug and he got trapped, Karan says that everyone has seen what I have seen. Karan says that Yug is badly trapped, and tells Ruhi what you want to say that I should lie. Aaliya says that someone of the era is trapped, he cannot do anything like this, Aaliya faints.

Bhuvan tells Arijit that there is no such news that Yug killed the doctor, Bhuvan says that the plan should not fail. Arijit says that this news will come out at the right time, now it is to see how this Bhalla family brings out the era. Karan is going from Bhalla House in anger, Ruhi says what are you doing. Karan says that the man has trapped the era, and I am unable to do anything. Karan says that the police feel that I am a witness, Ishita calls Ruhi and tells that Aaliya has fainted. Natasha says that such a big accident has happened and no news has come yet.

Natasha asks her brother what has happened to you, are you alright? Natasha says that you forget the doctor and remember that locker. Here, someone’s phone would be coming to Sunil, but he does not pick up the phone. Everyone is surrounded by Aaliya. Seeing Karan upset, Raman asks, “Okay, Karan says sorry I can’t do anything.” The lawyer explains to Karan that one of your statements can save the era, so you should change your statement.

Karan tells the lawyer that you want me to lie, the lawyer says your statement will save the era. Karan leaves from there, Raman tells Roohi to let him go. Sudha comes and tells Ishita that I could not convince Karan that he is saying that I cannot lie. The Bhalla family reaches jail before the era has turned into a bell.


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