Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st October 2019 Written Episode Update: YHM Raman and Yug Pungency
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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st October 2019 Written Episode Update: it was seen that there is a loss in the project from the era, after which Raman makes him angry. Taking advantage of Raman and Yug’s anger, Arijit tries to provoke Yug and Aiya.

Aaliya scolds Arijit, Arijit tries to provoke Yug and Aaliya. Here Raman tells Ishita and Ruhi that I did not shout at the age that he is not Aditya but shouted the signals because he made such a big mistake. Ishita calls Aaliya and Yug, but Yug tells Karan, “Speak to mother, I went out.” Ishita asks where are Yug and Karan says that Aaliya has taken her on the drive, Raman says that Aaliya has not taken him, he has taken her because Iago of Yug is too big. Meanwhile, Arijit comes there, and says I am coming together from the era, and says that it seems to me that you have to give some space to the era.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Update

Ishita scolds him as to why you are speaking, Arijit says that I know that I should not speak in your family mater. Arijit says that the investor wants the era to be removed from Maharashtra’s project. Because investors do not trust the era, Raman says this is all nonsense. Arijit says that if there is an era, the investor will pull his hand. So unless we believe the investor, we will have to remove the era from the project, Arijit implicates Ishita between son and father. Here, Seemi asks Ishita whether the policy is found out or not, let’s be right that the chemist came to know.

Raman’s father says that celebrations will happen because of such a big project because of the era. Raman goes to his room, Ishita also goes after him. Ruhi goes to talk to them. Here, Sunil’s girlfriend asks him if you will come to meet me, she is staying at Arijit’s house. Arijit says that you stay the same Sunil, Arijit tells Bhuvan to get the guest room ready for the couple. Here Raman is angry at the era, Ishita tries to explain. Ramanan says that if there is a mistake then everyone should find out, Ishita says that she is in tension.

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Roohi lies that Aaliya and Yug will come home, Raman says to show his phone. Raman says I will calm down only when I speak to my era. Ishita calls Alia when Mani picks up, and Mani says that she is upset. Yug says angrily that when I do not shutout then I will stay here with Appa. When Raman’s father asks where is Yug, Ishita lies, Raman says why are you lying. Here Sunil’s girlfriend is fighting him, seeing the handcuffs in Arijit’s house.


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