Foxy Menagerie ZZ Cup model has trouble with life, "cannot stop breast augmentation surgery"
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A 42-year-old woman living in Michigan, U.S.A. owns the ZZ Cup (U.S. bra size), a super-big breast. She divorced his husband six years ago and started breast augmentation, and she was completely captivated by big tits. “Metro” and “The Sun” reported.

Foxy Menagerie (42) has a 6640cc implant in his chest right now. Foxy’s ideal woman who continues to augment her aim for an hourglass-shaped figure is said to be a sexy beautiful woman “Jessica Rabbit” appearing in the movie “Roger Rabbit”, with two large balloons hanging on her chest As if Still, Foxy said, ” I’m not going to stop breast augmentation surgery ,” she said.

“I was very mediocre shy of childhood. It was not able to have confidence in yourself. Slightly student model I was also that the, is I had quit after marriage. But divorce My breast augmentation, which started as if to break away from my old self, changed my life: I had two surgeries in three months after my divorce and I couldn’t stop anymore. It was for. I completely addictive.”

“I am the happy to the best that meet the new yourself every time you surgery. became confident in myself to it by the surgery. “

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“When I go out, I feel everyone’s gaze. I don’t hate getting attention. Some people are rude, but most people are kind and curious. I can psychology understanding that would look. and to become a plus for me is that meet a lot of people, I also love to take a picture together. large breasts attract the people. “

However, this only chest is large It seems that it is not always good. “I can not wear shoes in the slouch. Also I no good cuisine that use the fire. And because the chest is too heavy leaning forward, of hold on to always handrail when you go down the stairs.”

“One in a few years ago I had a hole about 9 cm in my chest.The doctor who did the treatment didn’t answer the phone and I was really scared at that time, but I went to Europe and got surgery and found a cheap and good doctor and first of all in order to increase the breast, not a we have to insert the expander (tissue expander) that contains the saline under the chest muscle. there to go to add saline I’ll stretch my skin enough, and then I’ll put the implants after stretching the skin. I don’t know how long my skin will be, so I’m slowly taking time to see it.”

By the way, Foxy Over’s friends seem to me to become a support to understand her, but the reaction of the family seems to be subtle. Foxy continued, saying, “I am so different from me when I was born, I know my family members are opposed to surgery. My chest is almost 7,000 cc. Of course I know the risks of surgery and my limits well, and I’m planning a lot of surgery again this year. I’ll put in.”


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