How To Enable Chat with LINE App Clova Bot The Complete Guide Step By Step
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A new service, “Clova Bot“, which allows users to operate home appliances while chatting. with the AI ​​assistant “Clova” using the LINE talk function, began at the end of January. Is it more convenient than the voice control of the remote control app or smart speaker?

How To Enable Chat On LINE App Clova Bot

To use Clova Bot, you need a device with iOS 10 or higher, or Android 5.0 or higher. Insert the LINE app and add your official LINE Clova account to your friends.

Next, tap “Clova linkage” displayed at the bottom right of the talk screen to connect Clova with the chat bot engine. LINE App Clova Bot

Then, enter the “Home Appliance Operation / Setting” menu, and add home appliances in the home to the list as devices to be operated.

This time, in addition to Philips’ smart lighting “Hue” that can be operated via Wi-Fi, LINE’s infrared remote control “Clova Friends Dock” was prepared and the TV and air conditioner were registered.

After registering the device, enter a text message from the LINE Clova talk screen. For example, a Hue in a bedroom would light up by writing a message “Turn on bedroom lighting”.

You may be wondering what message to enter in the talk to work correctly, but Clova Bot recognizes certain phrases. The best thing to do is to refer to the examples on the app. If the device name to be operated is long like “living TV”, it can be shortened and simplified like “BRAVIA”.

Clova Bot operation is very responsive. The feeling of being able to operate the device with a familiar LINE talk is also fresh.

However, it became increasingly cumbersome to manually enter messages, and the voice input function of the iPhone keyboard began to be used.

I guess you should use Clova’s smart speakers from the start, but if you don’t want to talk to the wake word “hey, clover” every time, the Clova Bot, which can be operated quietly, is better. It is important to have more choices.

And there is another advantage of Clova Bot that smart speakers do not have. That means you can control your home smart appliances from the go.

For example, the air conditioner can be operated before returning home, so it will be a useful function not only in cold winter but also in hot summer.


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