Pakistan Demands UNICEF, Priyanka Chopra Be Removed From Goodwill Messenger: Pakistan’s Human Rights Minister Shirin Mazari has written to UNICEF demanding the removal of Priyanka Chopra, a Bollywood actress appointed as goodwill ambassador, citing the Kashmir issue. Mazari cited UNICEF’s staunch nationalism and support of the Indian actress on the action taken by the Indian government in Jammu and Kashmir. In a letter to UNICEF Executive Director Henricetta For, Mazari said, “Priyanka’s support of the war, including nuclear war, undermines the credibility of the United Nations. UNICEF should immediately remove Priyanka Chopra from her post of envoy. Otherwise Appointments like goodwill ambassadors for peace will remain a spectacle around the world.”

Mazri also cited the crisis that had erupted in the region due to the cancellation of special status accorded to the state of Jammu and Kashmir by the Narendra Modi government and the alleged ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Muslims there. He alleged that the Modi government is denying four million Indian Muslims their citizenship in the northeastern Indian state of Assam.

Along with this, he alleged that the Indian security forces have intensified the use of pellet guns against women and children in Kashmir. Just as Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has accused the Indian Prime Minister of being Hindu supremacist and racist, similarly Mazari has also given his statement. He said, “The entire policy of the BJP government is like the Nazi doctrine of ethnic cleansing, racism, fascism and genocide. Chopra has publicly supported the Indian government’s favor. He also endorsed the nuclear threat to Pakistan by the Indian Defense Minister.”Have done.”

Mazari referred to the statement of Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, in which he described India’s commitment to ‘no first use’ in nuclear policy as subject to future circumstances. Mazari said, “Maintaining Chopra as a UN goodwill ambassador for peace is completely against the principles of peace and goodwill.”

Mazari’s appeal is part of the efforts of the Imran Khan government in which he wants the global community to strongly condemn the decision to revoke special status for Kashmir. Pakistan has failed to gain international support on this issue except for its good friend China.


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