What should I do with “Fasting Every Other Day” for only a month?
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What should I do with “Fasting Every Other Day” for only a month?: Is the “Fast every other day” diet effective for weight loss? The “fasting every other day” diet method, in which you eat what you like the next day after fasting the day, seems to be effective for weight loss. A study from Austria announced that a healthy, slightly heavy adult participant succeeded in losing about 3 kg after just a fasting every other day for only a month.

This diet method is a type of intermittent fasting, called “alternate day fasting (ADF)”.

ADF alternates between the day you eat what you like and the day you fast. The research group has now conducted a study of 60 adults who are well above the slightly overweight standard.

In the study, half of them were randomly assigned to a group that continued to eat ADF for the first 12 hours of the two days and then fasted for 36 hours, and a group that continued to eat as usual for 4 weeks. I observed.

Successful weight loss even if you eat more than 30% more than usual

As a result, the weight gained by an average of 4.5% in the group that worked on ADF, compared with an increase in weight of about 220g in the group that had a normal diet. In addition, the ADF group showed improvements in cardiovascular risk factors such as lower cholesterol levels.

In this study, participants in the ADF consumed 30% more food than usual on a day they could eat. Still successful in weight loss.

The research group said, “ Even though the amount of food consumed increased compared to normal, the overall caloric intake decreased due to the fasting day. “It’s only recently that food has become rich enough to limit calories for maintenance, and before that, it was an era of hunger, so physiologically hunger is not a new experience,” he explains. ADF did not require calorie calculation, it was easy to incorporate into daily life, and the compliance rate was extremely high.”

In response to this result, experts say that ADF is not recommended at this time because the long-term effects are not clear.

A registered dietitian in the United States pointed out, “It may be difficult for people who want to exercise or perform physical labor to keep fasting every other day because they need to get the necessary nutrients as appropriate.”

And everyone is fasting naturally during sleep, “It ’s simple and easy to adopt if you want to extend that time. Watching TV and computer screens while eating something after dinner. If you quit, that alone can extend the fasting time.”


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