11 Thousand Scientists Claim Of The World Facing Climate Emergency
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11 Thousand Scientists Claim Of The World Facing Climate Emergency: For the past few years, the whole world is troubled by increasing pollution and global warming. Due to this, some parts of the world are receiving so much rain that floods cause havoc here. There is no rain in some parts. In view of this danger, 11 thousand 258 scientists from 153 countries of the world have claimed in a study that the whole world is facing climate emergency.

The study has been published in the journal Bioscience. The study has been carried out by environmentalist Bill Ripple of Oregon State University and Christopher Wolf of Tufts University. Researchers from Australia and South Africa were also involved in this. It clearly categorizes the emission of greenhouse gases as a major challenge.

Status not improved despite negotiations

This study states that despite 40 years of global climate negotiations, we have generally done business as usual. As a result, we have failed to address this predictable problem. It contains some indicators to easily understand the human impact on climate change.

Increasing global temperature and water level of oceans

The study cites 40 years of greenhouse gas emissions, economic trends, population growth rates, per capita meat production, and widespread tree felling globally. Due to these reasons, the global temperature and the water level of the oceans are increasing.

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Work to be done on energy conservation

The study on energy has said that the whole world will have to work on energy conservation. We have to increase the use of renewable sources of energy, which can be used again and again. So that fossil fuels like coal are used less. The fossil fuels left in the earth should not be exploited anymore. Scientists hope that this will increase people’s awareness of climate change.


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